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Showtime February Newsletter
Thank you those that came and danced with their daughters for “Daddy Daughter Night”. The girls were so excited you came!

Just a reminder that the Kindergarten class on Thursday starts at 5:00 pm. Also, parents please don’t let your children run in the lobby before class. We have had to many bumps and bruises this past month.

The week of February 11-14 we will be trying on costumes. Please make sure you wear tights that week. All costumes must be paid for before an adult can sign them out of the studio.

I’m sorry Friday night tumbling but you will have to make up a class during spring break. Mark your calendars now, we will have class for Tumbling on Friday, March 20th.

Mandi will be sending out late statements after the 15th of each month. I apologize for the craziness in December’s statement, it’s all my fault. Linda is right. Make sure Carlene gives you a receipt and puts it down in the ledger.

Dance pictures will be either the Friday or Saturday of Easter weekend April 10th & 11th.

Mom and teenagers please save your mascara brushes when you are done with them. My daughter is a “tree hugger” and is collecting them to send to a nature organization. Thank you!

Parents and Grandparents, you are always welcome to step into the studio and record your dance so they can practice their dance at home. I feel people don’t even think about having them work on their routine at home. We would be happy to give you a copy of the music or the song titles.

Attendance is very important… I do understand that the influenza A and B has been terrible. If transportation is an issue, please try to figure something out in advance. Many students have already missed a class! Three missed classes is the max and them a Dr’s note is required. The students learn their routine and new steps weekly.

 Until next time,