Showtime March Newsletter
​​We will be having tumbling class March 20th to make up for a snow day in January.

Pictures will be Easter weekend on April 10th &11th. Here is the schedule:

5- & 10-year students please wear an all-black cami and black booty shorts for your picture on Friday night.

Please check the spelling of your student’s name on the lobby window once the list has been posted. Check mark if ok or change spelling if needed.

Parent sign up sheet for recital t-shirts will be posted in thee lobby window. The deadline is March 15th. There are 5 colors to choose from. XX t-shirts cost $5 more. The student’s shirts will cost $15.92.

These people need to change their mailing address with Linda:

               Angelica Cardenas

               Lourdes Ramirez

               Rachel Moten

We will be doing a production routine this year. Alex & Cierra will be teaching the students after spring break. It will be at the end of the first half of recital. We will also be splitting the tumblers up so that they are at the beginning of each half this year. There will be a walk-through production April 19th at 1pm. Location will be the LaPoste. Students wear ballet or jazz shoes. Parents may stand and wait or leave for 55 minutes.

Tumblers will start their recital routine &dancers will finish their dances this month.

I’m so excited about the 40” breathable bag for my granddaughter’s costume, shoes, tights, head piece, and production costume. You can get them on Amazon size 24” x 40” x 3”

Attention parents: The 1st week in April please attend class to receive “what I wear” paper and picture envelopes.

Until next time,


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